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Franklin, Tennessee is a beautiful place to live.  In fact it has been a choice for many country music stars for many reasons.  Franklin has both picturesque rural settings as well as in town settings.  The roofing has great variety in these areas as well.  The roofing styles vary so much as not only are there the standard homes and business, but there are also custom mansions that require custom work and skill set.  This is were we come along and are able to handle the basic commercial to the extravagant mansion.  These type of roofing solutions require a higher skill set and often level of service.  We like this as this helps weed out a lot of our competition.  In fact the skills and abilities often required a smaller company would not want to tackle without the experience and team such as we have here at Owens General Contractor.  We have learned to become proficient both in very small and very large jobs.  Our team is able to evaluate and come up with solutions quickly based on both training and experience.  The Franklin TN is an exciting area for us to work as we get to put these skill sets into action.

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The variety of buildings make this area of the Country an exciting place to work both in the roofing industry as well as the home improvement market.  We are glad to be able to have the skill set to easily navigate these waters and deliver customer satisfaction and quality service.  We are even have trained staff to help you navigate through insurance claims and complex planning and procedures.  Small easy jobs are welcome as are heavy duty complex commercial and residential assignments.

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