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I want to take a moment to personally thank you for restoring my faith in home improvement companies, and that businesses can actually have honesty, integrity, and sincere concern for the customer.  After my neighbor had a new roof installed, I asked them to send your company’s representative my way for a free estimate.  There’s no doubt of the blessing this was.  Thanks to you, my husband and I are thrilled with our house again!


Donna K.

Nashville, TN

Residential Roofing: Why Our Customers Choose Us

We have a residential roofing center based in Murfreesboro, TN servicing a wide area.  At Owens General Contractor, you are NEVER just a street address to us. You are a family, with a beautiful home that needs the quality and experience we provide like no other roofing contractor.  As part of the Owens tradition, you’ll receive personal attention, with a personal project manager who will take care of the roofing system installation from start to finish.  Having a personal guide through this process will be invaluable, as they will manage multiple trades, scheduling, supervision, through the final check list, while being there to answer any questions you have throughout the process.

Home owners choose to work with Owens General Contractor in Tennessee not only because of the personal attention, but the high level of quality in products and workmanship.  We only accept the best.  We evolve with technology, utilizing whatever tools necessary to do a top notch job, while protecting your personal property.  Using only the best materials, we can tell you the reasons behind specific choices of shingles, gutters, ridge vents, etc…  Simply ask your Owens General Contractor representative!

  • Timely / Quick Turnaround 100%
  • Experienced Roofing 100%
  • Insurance Claims Specialists 100%
  • Roofing Repairs 100%

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